Accounting Spreadsheet Usability

by Jim Lewis

When I started Krexil I searched for an accounting solution that was comfortable to me as a non-accountant.  I felt Quick Books had too many options that we would not need. I also looked at some of the numerous spreadsheet solutions on the web but found them lacking as well. With strengths in software and spreadsheet design, I set out to design an accounting spreadsheet that would be:

The sheet has the following tabs:

This is the detail where you enter mainly individual purchases or sales, specifying Date, Description, Amount, Account and Notes.  The Account field is a drop list taken from the Accounts tab. 

This is where you control the date range for reports on other tabs. For example you might select Jan 1 to Dec 31 for an annual report.

This tab is a list of accounts (e.g. Sales Revenue, Business Meals, etc.) and computes the total for each account for the specified date range.

This tab automatically generates a simple profit & loss report based on the specified date range. The detail is shown on the Accounts tab to reduce redundancy and simplify ease of adding or removing accounts. 

This tab automatically generates balances for bank accounts, credit cards, vendors or anything else you want to track.
A sheet you can copy is here and has some sample data. Visitors are welcome to use the sheet at no cost. We would appreciate a link to this page from your website in return. Please contact us if you find any improvements. 


We are not accountants and provide the spreadsheet at no cost and without any warranty or guarantee of accuracy. We do not assume liability for any errors or discrepancies that may be present. The use of this spreadsheet is at your own risk, and it should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. We encourage you to use this tool as a preliminary step and consult with a qualified professional to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and accounting standards. 


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