Jim Lewis, CEO

Krexil is a technology firm located in Wyckoff, NJ specializing in electro-mechanical machines and usability testing. The firm is led by CEO Jim Lewis, a Computer Science graduate from NYU with over 35 years in software development and mechanical and electronic engineering. His careers included leading positions at Pad2Pad circuit boards and eMachineShop the online machineshop. He's known for his skills in mechanical, software and electrical engineering, and for creating innovative tools like FormulaZoo. Jim's personal interests include model sailplanes and the game of GO. He's recognized for his contributions to the software field with awards like the PC Mag Editor's Choice for Info Select software - a productivity tool for processing random information. Earlier he worked for test equipment manufacturer Instrumentation Engineering,  defense firm Loral Electronic Systems  and Union Carbide, developing a medical serum mixing system. Jim is also known for Micro Chart programmer reference cards.  His skills involve combining electronics, software and mechanics into complete systems, as well as usability testing and system optimization.